Alternative Clinical Therapy - Specializing in Clinical Bodywork

"I had immediate relief after my session with Mindy! She was also gracious enough to fit me in after my last minute phone call. Highly recommended!"
Beverly W...Camden SC

"I truly miss Mindy's massage sessions; I moved away a couple of years ago. I regularly purchase her gift certificates for family and friends. They too appreciate her professional, soothing and healing touch."
Tara Rapasaud...White Plains NY
"One word....Awesome!"
KJ.. Columbia
"I always feel at ease with Ms Mindy's sessions! Like a wet noodle afterward...LOL!"
"Mindy is the best! My session with her was wonderful! The care and special attention she applied to my chronic shoulder pain can only be described as superb! She has a therapeutic touch! Thank you Mindy!"
 P. Phillips, Alabama
" I appreciate Ms Mindy's stretch and trigger point techniques! Gotta work through the knots to get the muscle to release properly....highly recommend her sessions!"
Dave C, Lexington
 "I had a great session with Mindy.. She really knew how to ease the tension in my
lower back. Highly recommend her.. You are awesome!"
Teddy   Houston, Texas